…On Dwimmermount

If you have an itch for an epic mega-adventure, Dwimmermount will not steer you wrong. It’s a lot of material and is a steal at $10 on RPGnow.com for the .pdf. Five beer steins out of five.

…on Dwimmermount

(Dwimmermount is) just really well done, as comprehensive a megadungeon you will find.

…On Dwimmermount

Dwimmermount’s sensibilities are very classic Dungeons and Dragons, and it aims to evoke a swords and sorcery world rather than the watered down Tolkien pastiche known as vanilla fantasy.

…on ACKS Fighters

…not a lot of people are talking about the combination of the fighter damage bonus with the cleave rule. That’s a huge deal that makes fighters more the premier class of the game- especially when you take in all the things done to dial back the mages.

…on ACKS Playability

If ACKS were published 20 years ago, it’s likely I wouldn’t have finished college.

…ACKS Magical Research

The campaign chapter also contains a bunch of amusing rules for magical research – not only can you create your own spells, but you can also cross-breed monsters and turn yourself into a lich! Perhaps the best part, though, is the conceit that wizards can build dungeons somewhere (probably not directly under their tower), wait …

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