In a world of fallen empires, some relics of the past are good only for a beastman’s bludgeon; others make ruin delvers rich. You may start out with no higher ambition than a sack full of ancient coins, but each gold piece you spend ties you into a dynamic realm of commerce and carousing, driven by the hidden engines of court intrigues and distant wars. As you grow in power, will you fight to hold back the darkness looming at the borderlands of an aging civilization, or will you pull down the last decadent barriers to the coming of a new dawn? 

Autarch’s Adventurer Conqueror King SystemTM fulfills the promise of the original fantasy role-playing game by providing comprehensive, integrated support for play across all levels of a campaign. Any referee who has ever checked for random encounters, and every player who has rolled a twenty-sided dice to hit a wandering monster, will find the rules of Adventurer Conqueror King as elegant, familiar, and comfortable to wield as an heirloom sword. The system’s cutting edge is the way every table, chart, and assumption in the game encodes Gygaxian naturalism, Arnesonian barony-building, and the designers’ own experience of hundreds of sessions playing and running old-school games. With Adventurer Conqueror King, you get both the verisimilitude and consistency of thorough world-building with the power of improvisation and discovery through play. We look forward to seeing what you do with these tools! 

Below is the full line of Adventurer Conqueror King products. Our core products give your group everything you need for a comprehensive experience of all tiers of play – dungeoneering; wilderness exploration, warfare, and domain play. Supplemental offerings explore and expand with new (and still compatible!) rules and campaign styles to enhance your games. A line of adventure modules provide exciting adventures built with ACKS’ economic and domain systems in mind, for characters starting from levels 1 through 9.

All of Autarch’s products are available at DriveThruRPG at the Autarch Storefront.

Select titles are available in traditionally printed hardcover or softcover at the Autarch Emporium, along with a selection of premium ACKS related gear.

ACKS Core Products

Enter a world where empires totter on the brink of war, and terrible monsters tear at the fragile borderlands of men; where decaying cities teem with chaos and corruption, nubile maidens are sacrificed to chthonic cults and nobles live in decadent pleasure on the toil of slaves; where heroes, wizards, and rogues risk everything in pursuit of glory, fortune, and power. This is a world where adventurers can become conquerors – and conquerors can become kings.

Will you survive the perils of war and dark magic to claim a throne? Or will you meet your fate in a forgotten ruin beyond the ken of men?

The Adventurer Conqueror King System™ (ACKS) is a new fantasy role-playing game that provides the framework for epic fantasy campaigns with a sweeping scope.

The Player’s Companion is the first expansion for the Adventurer Conqueror King System™ (ACKS) and an invaluable resource for players and Judges of the original fantasy role-playing game and its retro-clones. Expand your campaign with 19 new class choices. Customize characters with 248 available templates. Make your own character classes using a balanced point-based system 100% compatible with every class in the ACKS core rules and the Player’s Companion. Bring wonder to your game world with a dynamic spell system. Invent your own new spells during play with advanced magic research rules that allow your characters to experiment, make breakthroughs, and suffer side effects. Comprehensive guidelines let Judges determine what level a proposed spell will be and gauge its balance with all existing spells

The Player’s Companion allows you to customize your fantasy game to an unparalleled degree. Open up the hood of the Adventurer Conqueror King System™ and gain new insights into the foundations of the original fantasy RPG.

Tomorrow you will bring the battle to the foe. Tonight you walk among the troops you’ll lead. The mercenaries are veterans and sleep while they can, but the peasants levied from your lands seek courage in tales of your previous victories. In the cover of darkness, you can listen rather than lead. Remember when you were like them? Back when you first entered the dungeon, you wielded a sword to fight for gold, glory, and the favor of the gods. Winning these earned you a throne. Now you wield an army, and fight for the right to rule the domains at war.

Domains at War™ brings the full sweep of fantasy warfare to tabletop gaming and role-playing campaigns with two rulebooks: Battles and Campaigns.

Using Domains at War: Battles™, you can run massive battles between opposing armies using playing pieces on the tabletop. Designed specifically for battles where RPG characters are in command, D@W: Battles makes the deeds and decisions of those characters the focus of its gameplay, and works hard to integrate their actions into the flow of battle. Built from the same mathematics that power ACKS, it generates outcomes like what you’d get if you fought it out on the one-on-one roleplaying scale.

Using Domains at War: Campaigns™, your fantasy RPG characters can raise armies, campaign against enemy forces, and conquer domains. It includes a comprehensive campaign toolkit for use in ongoing games, fully compatible with ACKS’s rules for mercenaries, strongholds, magic, and rulership. D@W: Campaigns also includes a streamlined system for resolving the outcome of pitched battles between army-sized forces, ideal for resolving battles between NPC commanders, where the adventurers are bystanders or front-line participants.

Domains at War is compatible with any fantasy RPG system that uses twenty-sided dice and shares concepts like hit points and armor class. If your players are ready to rule, then your campaign is ready for the Domains at War: Campaigns rules.

Lairs & Encounters™ is the ultimate supplement for fantasy RPG sandbox campaigns. Designed for use with the Adventurer Conqueror King System™ (ACKS™), it is readily compatible with other fantasy role-playing games built on the same core rules.

In Lairs & Encounters you will find:

  • More than 165 ready-to-play monstrous lairs— one for every major monster in the Adventurer Conqueror King System. The lair listings are designed to be used both as dynamic points of interest that can be discovered while wandering through the wilderness and as obstacles to a would-be ruler’s attempt to secure land for a domain.
  • A cartographic compendium of 36 lair maps for the Judge’s use and 6 treasure maps to hand out to your players.
  • A catalog of 30 new monsters, including the chaos hulk, child of Nasga, dire beastman, draugr, desert ghoul, hag, khepri, and mummy lord.
  • New subsystems for sandbox play, including rules for populating 6-mile hexes with lairs based on the terrain and extent of settlements in the region and rules for searching for lairs in the wilderness, factoring in terrain density, aerial reconnaissance, splitting up to cover more ground (never split the party!), and more.
  • Additional mechanics for monsters, including ability scores for monsters, proficiencies for monsters, and young monsters.
  • A complete system for taming and training monsters, with details on the lifespan, roles, tricks, trained and untrained value, supply cost, training period, and trainability modifier of every monster in the game.
  • A complete system for creating your own unique monsters. In the ACKS Player’s Companion we gave you mechanics to create balanced new character classes and new spells; now we bring our same rigorous attention to balance and customization to monsters.

Your players may wander lost in the wilderness of your campaign world, but with Lairs & Encounters you’ll be ready wherever they go!

ACKS Supplemental Products

The Heroic Fantasy Handbook is a rules supplement that brings the flavor of heroic fantasy to your favorite role-playing game. Cleaving away decades worth of assumptions and expectations about how characters heal, fight, and adventure, how magic works, what spells do, and more, the Heroic Fantasy Handbook offers a fresh way to play with familiar D20 fantasy mechanics. In the Heroic Fantasy Handbook you get: 

  • A set of 16 new character classes inspired by the archetypes of heroic fantasy. Defend civilization from the predations of Chaos as a Nobiran champion. Master the power of ancient runes and learn the wisdom of the ages as a runecaster. Unleash your charismatic ferocity as an alluring but deadly warmistress. Plumb magic so dark that no mere human could survive it as a Zaharan sorcerer. Forge your destiny as the Chosen.
  • An entirely new magic system, eldritch magic, designed to capture the flavor of heroic fantasy. Subtle but powerful, eldritch magic brings a new arsenal of effects into your game. Low-level eldritch casters can infuriate their foes, summon minor demons from the Outer Darkness, or call wolves from the forest. High-level eldritch wizards can call giant eagles from distant mountain lairs, lead foes into madness through corrupting dreams, or unleash the hounds of hell to hunt down their enemies. But eldritch magic carries risks, not the least of which is corruption and madness from the black arts.  
  • A new way of creating magical effects, ceremonial magic, for worlds where not every magic-user casts spells in a round. With ceremonial magic, characters can perform lengthy ceremonies from a variety of traditions ranging from the chthonic to the liturgical to the shamanic. Using traditional implements, trinkets, and talismans, the ceremonialist can work miracles – or suffer the terrible consequences of failure  
  • A new way of casting spells, spellsinging, that allows characters to spontaneously weave together new spells on the fly. Use spellsinging to represent the fluid arts of the elves, the psionic powers of a dying race, or the weaving of words of power by island wizards.  
  • Over 155 new spells designed for use by eldritch casters, ceremonialists, and spellsingers. Forget comic-book teleportation and fireballs. If you walk the dark path, be ready to madden your foes with dark whisper, torture them body and soul with iron maiden or even yank out their bones and animate their flensed skeleton as your minions with fillet and serve. If you crave elemental power, get ready to transform rain into acid with rain of vitriol, raze your enemy’s walls with sunder structure, or even call down a starfall from the heavenly firmament.  
  • A set of new rules for heroic adventuring, including fate points, heroic funerals, warrior codes, critical hit tables, new special maneuvers, updates to the mechanics for thief skills…
  • And much, much more!

The Heroic Fantasy Handbook is designed for use with the Adventurer Conqueror King System™ (ACKS™) but is readily compatible with other fantasy role-playing games built on the same core rules. 

Welcome to Kanahu, a dangerous world of pulp fantasy abounding with dinosaurs, Cthulhoid creatures, giant insects, crazed sorcerers, muscled barbarians, and alien invaders. Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu™ (BCK) presents a host of new monsters, magical items, technology, spells, and variant rules packaged together in this gonzo world. In BCK you get: 

  • A set of 7 new races and 19 new character classes inspired by pulp fantasy. Take flight as an insectoid sorceress as a Bugman Ovate. Serve – or resist – the forces of Chaos as a Deep One Hybrid. Hunt down your prey as a cold-blooded Geckoman Stalker. Master the scientific sorceries of the Outer Darkness as a half-human half-Visitor Nephilim. Wander an alien landscape as a Terran Cosmonaut.
  • Over 60 new monsters. Hunt the fearsome Titanosaur in the jungles of Kanahu. Flee from alien abduction by Visitors in flying saucers. Battle with warbots amidst ruined starships. Confront undead serpentmen in the ruins of lost Sakkara.
  • Over two dozen new spells designed to work with the new classes and game mechanics. Summon deep ones to serve you from the abyssal waters. Blast the positronic brain of robots and machines with a network shutdown. Walk as a ghost in the unseen world. 
  • An entirely new system for alien technology, with dozens of alien artifacts. Learn how to use alien artifacts by conducting research, experimenting in the field, learning from a teacher, or using alien knowledge. If you master scientific sorcery, you can arm yourself with a fusion launcher, laser rapier, and force field belt; pilot flying saucers, hoverbikes, or battle tanks; reprogram robots to serve you; and even learn the secrets of cloning and resurrection.
  • A set of new rules for heroic adventuring, including fate points, heroic funerals, warrior codes, critical hit tables, new special maneuvers, updates to the mechanics for thief skills…
  • And much, much more!

The Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu setting sourcebook is designed for use with the Adventurer Conqueror King System™ (ACKS™) but is readily compatible with other fantasy role-playing games built on the same core rules. 

In this tome you will find the secrets of the great and proud race of dwarves, compiled, codified, and curated for use in your favorite old-school fantasy role-playing game. With the Cyclopedia, you get:

  •  270 pages of lore and rules bounded in a stitch-bound hardcover and PDF edition
  • A full-color painted cover by Michael Syrigos
  • A full-color interior layout with full- and half-page art
  • Compatibility with Old School Renaissance RPGs such as ACKS, OSE, LL, and LOTFP 

 By This Axe is organized into ten chapters:

  • Chapter 1, Introduction, details the audience, purpose, and approach for this book.
  • Chapter 2, Dwarven Lore, provides an overview of the ethnicity, physiology, language, and customs of dwarves. It is narrated from the point of view of a sage in the world of the Auran Empire.
  • Chapter 3, Dwarven Characters, explains how to roll up a dwarven character in any one of six racial classes, including the craftpriest, delver, earthforger, fury, machinist, and vaultguard. 
  • Chapter 4, Dwarven Templates, provides eight pre-generated templates for each character class in this book. Using these templates, you can easily make your vaultguard a highborn lord, your machinist an apothecary, or your craftpriest a reliquary guardian.
  • Chapter 5, Dwarven Earthforging, details a new style of magic, wielded by the earthforger class, whose innate talents have allowed them to channel the power within materials to reshape their form. 
  • Chapter 6, Dwarven Automatons, presents rules for designing, building, and repairing clockwork and steampunk-type machines. The section includes over 20 example vehicles, objects, and other automatons to act as examples for the build process and/or to include in your game as items to encounter or use, or as blueprints in treasure hoards. 
  • Chapter 7, Dwarven Domains, explains how your dwarven characters can establish themselves as rulers of domains and realms, with rules for agriculture, urban settlements, vassals, garrisons, and more. 
  • Chapter 8, Dwarven Mining, expands the rules for domains to include mining for precious metals and quarrying for stone. Special rules for “delving too deep” allow your dwarves to greedily hunger for gold – risking potentially dire consequences. 
  • Chapter 9, Dwarven Mycoculture, details the secret methods of mushroom farming used by the dwarves to feed their vaults and brew their marvelous ales and beers. 
  • Chapter 10, Dwarven Relics, offers a catalog of over 35 rare and powerful dwarven relics, artifacts, and antiquities that might be guarded in sacred reliquaries, wielded by dwarf lords, or re-discovered in lost vaults and deep and hidden places. 

By This Axe is designed for use with the Adventurer Conqueror King System™ (ACKS™) but is readily compatible with other fantasy role-playing games built on the same core rules.   

Created with the support of hundreds of generous patrons, AXIOMS is a quarterly magazine
devoted to the Adventurer Conqueror King System. This exclusive compendium compiles the
first eight issues of AXIOMS into an easy-to-use reference. It includes:

  • Issue #1 – Magic. Eldritch secrets are revealed.
  • Issue #2 – Beastmen. The savage swords of chaos, are unleashed.
  • Issue #3 – Economics. He who has the gold, makes the rules!
  • Issue #4 – War. Let he who seeks peace prepare for war.
  • Issue #5 – Magic II. Some magic is minor, some magic is monstrous, and some
  • is not magical at all.
  • Issue #6 – Fractal. Because when you zoom in further on an area of game design, you find that when you zoom in further on an area of game design.
  • Issue #7 – Magic III. The art and science of magic is plumbed yet further.
  • Issue #8 – Randomness. The oracular power of dice is revealed.

The compendium includes revised rules for strongholds and domains, senatorial domains,  mercantile ventures, and mass combat, and new rules for elite troops, gladiatorial schools, shaded magic, spellcaster type creation, beastmen custom classes, wilderness stocking tables, and more.

While designed for use with ACKS, content in Axioms is compatible with any d20-based fantasy RPG built on the OGL.

Axioms is made possible through the support of our patrons, who receive early access to the articles on a month-by-month basis. If you’re already a patron, thanks for your support! To learn more, visit

Created with the support of hundreds of generous patrons, AXIOMS is a quarterly magazine  devoted to the Adventurer Conqueror King System. This exclusive compendium compiles the ninth through sixteenth issues of AXIOMS into an easy-to-use reference. It includes: 

  • Issue #9 – All Creatures Great and Small
  • Issue #10 – Macabre Monsters, Twisted Temples, and Grim Guardians
  • Issue #11 – The Empyrean and the Chthonic.
  • Issue #12 – The Art of Thievery.
  • Issue #13 – Machinery to the Max.
  • Issue #14 – Codex and Scroll.
  • Issue #15 – Ancient Ways.
  • Issue #16 – Wounds and Woe.

Among the features within are “The Fetid Crypt of Anatu the Defiler”, an ACKS adventure; 9 new monsters, including faeries, nymphs, and nosferatu; 5 new character classes, including the dread priestesses of Nasga and the Nosferatu scion; 2 new playable races, the Nosferatu and Katripol; rules for creating custom fantasy races; rules for creating dwarven machines; and updates to the mechanics for hijinks, mortal wounds, and more.While designed for use with ACKS, content in Axioms is compatible with any d20-based fantasy RPG built on the OGL. Axioms is made possible through the support of our patrons, who receive early access to the articles on a month-by-month basis. If you’re already a patron, thanks for your support! To learn more, visit

ACKS Adventures

Over a millennium ago, when the borderlands were in the dark grip of the Zaharan Empire, the empire’s sorcerer-priests erected a profane temple to house the terrible artifact known as the Stone of Sakkara. Using the Stone, the sorcerer-priests could birth monsters and abominations with frightening ease and magically command the loyalty of chaotic creatures. The Stone brought its evil masters great power throughout the fell empire.

In the centuries since the fall of Zahar, the Stone has lain dormant and forgotten. Now it has awakened, and warbands of beastmen have begun to gather sacrifices to power the Stone’s birthing pools again. Local farms and hamlets have been sacked and pillaged, and entire families have gone missing. The local legate has too few men to even patrol the border; he has none at all to hunt down the source of the evil. Adventurers are needed…

AX1: The Sinister Stone of Sakkara is a ready-to-play adventure presented for use with Adventurer Conqueror King System™ and other d20-based fantasy role-playing games. AX1 includes a two-level dungeon filled with chthonic horror along with a friendly stronghold from which your adventurers can explore the region. The Sinister Stone of Sakkara is the perfect introductory adventure for a campaign starting in ACKS’s official setting but easy to adapt to your campaign setting of choice. Begin your rise from adventurer to king today!

Cyfaraun is a city of ancient lineage. The name itself is an Auran corruption of its original elven name, Cyfarawn. Evidence of elven construction is still visible in the city’s oldest district, today called Old Cyfaraun. Many city residents know that Old Cyfaraun was founded atop an earlier settlement – Ancient Cyfaraun, buried by cataclysmic ashes over 500 years ago.

Only the most illustrious sages are aware that the Ancient City was itself built over an even deeper ruin, a Forgotten Cyfaraun, a city brought low by an earthquake almost 2,000 years ago. Forgotten Cyfaraun was reduced to rubble but its lasting legacy is a hidden Nethercity, a treacherous place of twisting tunnels, dusty catacombs, and black, volcanic caves that waits, forgotten and unplumbed – until now…

AX2: Secrets of the Nethercity™ (SOTN) is a ready-to-play adventure scenario presented for use with the Adventurer Conqueror King System™ (ACKS) and other d20-based fantasy role-playing games. Explore the impossibly complex warrens of the Nethercity and discover the horrific truth of the ancient empire that ruled the realm. Designed to carry characters from 3rd to 8th level of experience, Secrets of the Nethercity includes:

  • A vast kilo-dungeon. Explore over 20 different interlocking areas such as the Great Temple of the Awakening, the Alchemic Laboratory, the Hallowed Hall of Heroes, and the Secret Alien Sepulcher.
  • Dizzyingly great cartography by Dyson Logos and Simon Forster that will confound even the wiliest mappers.
  • Stunning full-color art by Michael Syrigos.
  • 4 new character classes. Bring the power of the ancient elven empire to life with the Elven Cultist, Elven Hierophant, Elven Warlord, and Elven Wizard.
  • 14 new monsters. Terrify your adventurers with the Faewyrd, Incarnation of Terror, and Undead Bone Golem.
  • 26 new magic items. Don the Iron Mask of Cyfaraun, seize the Rod of the Elemental Spheres, and steer the Funerary Barge of the Cults through the subterranean waters.
  • Over 40 new macabre spells. Drive enemies to insanity, swap the bodies of crossbreeding subjects, or cast your foes into an endless slumber.
  • Guidelines for adapting the adventure to any campaign setting.
  • Seeds for further adventure in AX3: Capital of the Borderlands and beyond.

The secrets of the Nethercity await!

The Borderlands has been contested throughout recorded history and its landscape is littered with ancient fortresses, blood-soaked battlefields, and dread ruins, all crumbling relics of the empires that once ruled there. Now the dangers facing the Borderlands are greater than ever. Monsters are slipping across the porous border to terrorize and plunder. Travel has grown perilous, and the border forts are becoming increasingly isolated and outmatched. The ambitious, bold, and greedy have begun to gather in Cyfaraun, ancient capital of the borderlands, seeking glory and gold.  There, criminal gangs battle for control of the streets and terrible evils lurk in the twisting tunnels, dusty catacombs, and black, volcanic caves that lie below….  

AX3: Capital of the Borderlands™ is a two-in-one setting book designed to last an entire campaign. It features both a fully detailed urban campaign setting (the Capital) and a comprehensive wilderness sandbox (the Borderlands). Designed for use with the Adventurer Conqueror King System™ (ACKS™), it is readily compatible with other fantasy role-playing games built on the same core rules. 

In Capital of the Borderlands you will find:

  • A detailed regional sandbox with 53 wilderness points of interest. The points of interest can be used with our AX series of adventures in the borderlands or can be used in your home campaign.  Reclaim the weapons of kings from the Burial Mounds of the Empyreans and confront the undying mummy lords in the Valley of the Sorcerer Kings.
  • A set of realms and domains in the Borderlands designed for use with the domain rules of ACKS. Rule the Prefecture of the Borderlands or the dwarven vault of Azen Radokh.
  • A comprehensive city sandbox with 82 urban points of interest spread across 8 mapped city districts. Fight in the gladiatorial games of the Festival District, party with the patricians in the Lake District, or seize power in the Palace District.
  • dynamic city-building system that lets you create new buildings and blocks in Cyfaraun on the fly. The tables are based on detailed historical research into the structure of ancient cities, giving you never-before-seen verisimilitude and depth.
  • dozen mini-dungeons running through the sewers, tombs, and catacombs below the city. Confront a coven of lycanthropic mages at the Shrine of the Horned Rat, delve the Catacombs of the Ancestors, and infiltrate the Death Cult Hideout.
  • A set of 10 random encounter tables for the city, including separate tables for each district of the city as well as the undercity below the streets.
  • An NPC adventuring party, the Imperial Vanguard, so obnoxiously pleasant and tidy that every adventuring party will love to hate them.
  • Over a dozen stunning full-color art pieces by Michael Syrigos and more than 20 detailed maps by Simon Forster and Dyson Logos.

From the imagination of designer and cartographer Simon Forster, creator of the Book of Lairs and the popular OSR blog Sky Full of Dust, comes a new adventure for characters levels 5-7.

Two hundred years ago, the elven capital of Cyfandir fell to the savage assault of the Great Dragon Aisoth, self-proclaimed goddess and sovereign of the lizardmen who followed in her wake. The elves, occupied with the Argollëan War, were unprepared for the attack and the city fell swiftly. The elven residents fled, many dying at the claws and teeth of the lizardmen who waited in ambush in the forest.

Now the city lies in ruins, its walls crumbled and alabaster towers fallen to rubble, and  the forest is crawling across its streets. Ivy and moss cover the walls of once-pristine  buildings, and piles of rubble mark the passage of the dragon. Only the majestic and imposing Great Hall still carries its ancient grandeur. It is there that the Great Dragon makes her lair, sleeping atop the a treasure trove of elven coins, jewels, and artifacts.

Only the bravest adventurers will dare to plunder the ruins of Cyfandir…

AX4: Ruined City of Cyfandir (ROC) is a ready-to-play adventure scenario presented for use with the Adventurer Conqueror King System™ (ACKS) and other d20-based fantasy role-playing games. Explore the vast ruined city of Cyfandir and discover the secrets of the fallen kingdom of the elves.

All maps in the adventure are provided in hi-resolution format as individual downloads for easy use online.

If your game of choice is 5E, the adventure is also available in 5E-compatible format at

From the imagination of Courtney Campbell, creater of the popular OSR blog Hack & Slash, comes a terrifying new adventure for characters level 6 to 8.

The Eye Is Opening.

Thousands of years ago, living gods named Khepri wielded powers beyond understanding. Their bizarre magics rived a rent in reality itself. This portal—the Oculus—led to the deepest realms of Chthonic Darkness, but it was not yet fully open. Malign forces, opposed to all life, infested the Oculus, and waited. The Khepri kept vigil over the Oculus till time moved her hand. When the Khepri vanished in the Day Without Night, their Elven epigones took up the watch. In time, the Elves were conquered by the diabolic Thrassian race, and they in turn were subjugated by the Zaharans. Through the millennia, the caretakers of the Oculus studied, waited, and watched.

Now the Awakening is near, the Spheres are coming into alignment, and the Oculus is beginning to open. The dark power is reaching out and for the first time in an age the Eyrie of the Dread Eye is accessible again. As the Eye opens, reality itself comes under further and further  strain. And as rumors of a new valley containing an underground forgotten city filled with untold riches spread out from the Dark Wall, the Oculus continues to open ever wider. 

Eyrie of the Dread Eye is a ready-to-play adventure scenario presented for use with the Adventurer Conqueror King System™ (ACKS) and other d20-based fantasy role-playing games. Discover the vast ruined eyrie of the Oculus and take a stand against the coming Awakening.

High-resolution printable maps are included in a separate .zip file. You can use these maps for Roll20 or similar platforms, or print them out for your table.

Over a thousand years ago, the Zaharan Sorcerer-Queen Semiramis reigned over a court notorious for its decadent arts and lavish opulence. The hidebound nobles of Zahar were troubled by the ascendance of the kingdom’s first female monarch. Semiramis was beset by over one hundred suitors, each one demanding that she marry him so that the kingdom might have a king. Many of these suitors were powerful spellcasters who wove enchantments upon her, but to no avail: The Sorceress-Queen wore the Ring of the Queen’s Heart, a legendary magic item gifted to her by the goddess Nasga that made her immune to her suitor’s charms.

As beautiful and cruel as her goddess, Semiramis instead seduced her perfidious suitors into swearing eternal love to her – then had them slain. The Sorceress-Queen mummified and interred all one hundred suitors in her own majestic sepulcher, where they would serve her as loyally in death as they ought to have in life.

Since then, the sepulcher of the sorceress-queen has lain hidden and undisturbed, its undead inhabitants slumbering in torpor until the prophesied time of the Awakening. But now a reckless warband of lizardmen has broken open the ancient tomb and disturbed evils not seen in centuries…

AX6: Sepulcher of the Sorceress-Queen (SoSQ) is a ready-to-play adventure scenario for characters level 7-9 presented for use with the Adventurer Conqueror King System™ (ACKS) and other d20-based fantasy role-playing games. Dare the dangers of the sorceress-queen’s sepulcher and capture her legendary ring of power.

Each adventure above is based in the campaign world of Cybele – a world of adventure, where a once-majestic empire is slipping into oblivion, and bold and ambitious conquerors are rising to forge new realms from the ashes of the old.  The Auran Empire Primer provides an introduction to:

  • The geography of the world of Cybele and the continent of Aurëpos, with a two-page full color map gridded in 24-mile hexes.
  • The history of the Auran Empire and the surrounding kingdoms, ranging from the sinister Sunset Kingdoms of Kemesh and Somirea, to the barbarian realms of Jutland, to the forgotten empires of Zahar and Thrassia.
  • The customs, fashions, and mythology of the Auran Empire, and the origins, appearance, and naming conventions of its inhabitants and their neighbours.
  • And more!

Designed over 10 years of active play, the Auran Empire setting is inspired by Late Antiquity and intended for use with Adventurer Conqueror King System and similar D20-based fantasy role-playing games.

To learn more, visit the Autarch website.

The gates of Dwimmermount have opened. After years of rumors, it is time to discover the secrets of this vast mountain fortress for yourself…

Dwimmermount™ is a classic megadungeon and old-school campaign setting presented use with Adventurer Conqueror King System™ and other d20-based fantasy role-playing games.

The 400-page Dwimmermount hardcover includes:

  • 13 mapped, keyed, and stocked dungeon levels containing a total of 715 fully-described and detailed encounter areas for players and their characters to discover – with random tables to generate even more!
  • 86 monsters and 70 magic items to confound, challenge, and reward your players.
  • 6 pre-generated adventuring parties to serve as rivals for your player characters.
  • A gazetteer of the lands surrounding Dwimmermount, with realms, domains, and settlements described using ACKS mechanics to support a campaign endgame.
  • An overview of Muntburg, a fortified town nestled in the shadows of Dwimmermount, intended to serve as a “home base” for the player characters between expeditions into the dungeon’s depths.
  • A history of the dungeon from its earliest days to the present, with innovative mechanics that reward the characters for learning the secrets of the past.
  • Descriptions of numerous factions operating within and without the dungeon, whose activities add a further layer of complexity to Dwimmermount.
  • Discussions of ways to approach Dwimmermount, both as a player and as a referee, including insight into the dungeon’s origins and design.
  • Over 40 different works by top artists including Jeff Dee, Mark Allen, Eric Quigely, Conor Nolan, John Larrey, Steve Zieser, Russ Nicholson, Kelvin Green, and the grand master of old-school fantasy, Erol Otus.

In the Golden Age of fantasy roleplaying, the dungeon was the linchpin of adventure design and the sandbox was the assumed role of a campaign setting. With Dwimmermount, the Golden Age has returned.

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