…On Dwimmermount

This is a pretty damn impressive set of tools that allows a dungeon master to create, demo, and craft Dwimmermount into their campaign back drop, and as a of a damn fine science fantasy campaign that they’ll want to run.

…on Dwimmermount

(Dwimmermount is) just really well done, as comprehensive a megadungeon you will find.

…on Dwimmermount’s Design

What struck me in the read through is how to use Dwimmermount as an example – a how-to on presenting a themed dungeon or campaign world…It is a font of ideas – not only setting ideas, but presentation and preparatory ideas, not only for someone who would want to create their own dungeon, but for …

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…On Dwimmemount

I have greatly enjoyed reading through my copy of the book. The world of Dwimmermount is called Telluria, and the lore and history of the setting are tied inextricably with the history for the megadungeon. There are many oddities to the dungeon that appealed to me, and every level is designed consistently with the history …

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…on Dwimmermount

I really like Dwimmermount. It’s really big, and it’s full of pulp science-fantasy flavor.

…On Dwimmermount

Dwimmermount’s sensibilities are very classic Dungeons and Dragons, and it aims to evoke a swords and sorcery world rather than the watered down Tolkien pastiche known as vanilla fantasy.

…on Dwimmermount

To sum it up, Dwimmermount is a well-written, information-dense, traditional megadungeon with hints of science fantasy, designed to facilitate a game based around exploration and discovery. The tools and information presented inside this huge tome are aimed at helping achieve this goal; and with success, I must say.

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