…on The Sinister Stone of Sakkara

‘Matthew Skail, the dungeon designer [The Sinister Stone of Sakkara], really instills a sense of cumulative horror as the creepy images and icons found in the upper level are revealed to be more than just artwork later on’, states Alexander Macris. ‘Some of what’s in the lower level is horrific enough that Raggi would be …

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…on Domains At War

If the history of wargaming is the Sun, Domains At War: Battles is that point of light you get after focusing what’s good about wargaming through the lens of DND. It’s quick, flexible, and dead simple to pick up for anyone that’s rolled dice with purpose…If you are not running ACKS, or you’re not in …

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…On Dwimmermount

If you have an itch for an epic mega-adventure, Dwimmermount will not steer you wrong. It’s a lot of material and is a steal at $10 on for the .pdf. Five beer steins out of five.

…On Dwimmermount

This is a pretty damn impressive set of tools that allows a dungeon master to create, demo, and craft Dwimmermount into their campaign back drop, and as a of a damn fine science fantasy campaign that they’ll want to run.

…on Dwimmermount

(Dwimmermount is) just really well done, as comprehensive a megadungeon you will find.

…on Dwimmermount’s Design

What struck me in the read through is how to use Dwimmermount as an example – a how-to on presenting a themed dungeon or campaign world…It is a font of ideas – not only setting ideas, but presentation and preparatory ideas, not only for someone who would want to create their own dungeon, but for …

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