Mapping Vassal Borders and Largest Settlements

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Jab Burrwalky
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Mapping Vassal Borders and Largest Settlements

Greetings everyone! 

I ama newcomer to ACKs and so far, Ilove it. The detail, the custom class and monster toolkits for GMs, its the best I've seen!

But I am a bit stuck. I am trying to map out a world that a friend and I have been conceptually developing for about a year now. In trying to map out a large human Empire, I've butted up against a few questions when it come to actually drawing it out, counting hexes and placing borders and towns:

1) is it necessary or even helpful, to map  out the internal borders of a Realm?

E.G., I have the external borders for the empire drawn, and I mathematically know how many 6- and 24-mile hexes are in each Realm down to the County level (though i haven't done Marches and Baronies for the most part). But actually mapping them all out seems to make the map quite cluttered, and I noticed that the ACKs published adventures don't seem to have them mapped out in the sourcebooks either. So how necessary or helpful is it to know exactly where every Kingdom, Principality etc. starts and ends? Is it a waste of time to map out each County and March?

2) The largest settlement at the Empire Level is a Metropolis. Presumably, that Metropolis is situated in a specific Barony of a specific March ... of a specific Kingdom. Does it then automatically occupy the role of "Largest Settlement" for each of those Domain levels in which it is located? Or do you generate a second "Largest Settlment" for each level as you go down, so that e.g. the County Clark has the Imperial metropolis but also its own Class IV Town as well as the Class III Large City for the Kingdom level sitting in the County as well.

3) How do y'all count coastal (partial land, partial water) hexes on the 24-mile map? I know of Alex's "Littoral Hex" rule for 6 mile hexes, but expanding that the the 24 mile scale seems to stretch it too far.

Many many thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to answer.