Domains At War

Tomorrow you will bring the battle to the foe. Tonight you walk among the troops you’ll lead. The mercenaries are veterans and sleep while they can, but the peasants levied from your lands seek courage in tales of your previous victories. In the cover of darkness, you can listen rather than lead. Remember when you were like them? Back when you first entered the dungeon, you wielded a sword to fight for gold, glory, and the favor of the gods. Winning these earned you a throne. Now you wield an army, and fight for the right to rule the domains at war.

Domains At War: Campaigns

Domains at War: Campaigns™ (D@W) is a supplement for Autarch’s best-selling Adventure Conqueror King System™ (ACKS). Using the rules herein, your fantasy RPG characters can raise armies, campaign against enemy forces, and conquer domains. It includes a comprehensive campaign toolkit for use in ongoing games, fully compatible with ACKS's rules for mercenaries, strongholds, magic, and rulership. D@W: Campaigns also includes a streamlined system for resolving the outcome of pitched battles between army-sized forces, ideal for resolving battles between NPC commanders, where the adventurers are bystanders or front-line participants.

Domains at War: Campaigns is compatible with any fantasy RPG system that uses twenty-sided dice and shares concepts like hit points and armor class.  If your players are ready to rule, then your campaign is ready for the Domains at War: Campaigns rules.

Domains At War: Battles

Domains at War: Battles™ (D@W) is a supplement for Autarch’s best-selling Adventure Conqueror King System™ (ACKS). Using the rules herein, you can run massive battles between opposing armies using playing pieces on the tabletop. Designed specifically for battles where RPG characters are in command, D@W: Battles makes the deeds and decisions of those characters the focus of its gameplay, and works hard to integrate their actions into the flow of battle. Built from the same mathematics that power ACKS, it generates outcomes like what you'd get if you fought it out on the one-on-one roleplaying scale.

Domains at War: Battles is compatible with any fantasy RPG system that uses twenty-sided dice and shares concepts like hit points and armor class.  With Domains at War: Battles, we invite RPG gamers to bring the epic scope of pitched battle to their tabletops!

Domains At War: Complete

Engage in total war! The Domains at War Complete Set comes with two rulebooks, Campaigns and Battles, as well as 12 pages of printable full-color counters for units, leaders, spells, and terrain and a 4' x 3' PDF battlemap for tabletop warfare.

Domains At War: Troops & Terrain

With the Troops and Terrain expansion pack, you get 36 pages of full-color cardstock counters for use with your Domains at War: Battles.  Troops and Terrain includes:  

  • 138 human troop counters
  • 92 beastman troop counters
  • 28 elven troop counters
  • 24 exotic troop counters
  • 24 undead troop counters
  • 24 artillery troop counters
  • 20 dwarven troop counters
  • 56 hero counters
  • 80 condition tokens
  • 16 spell tokens
  • 54 stream pieces (18 narrow, 18 medium, 18 wide)
  • 54 ditch pieces (18 narrow, 18 medium, 18 wide)
  • 18 road pieces

You can use the counters with Domains at War: Battles and the Domains at War Complete Set, or with ancient, medieval, and fantasy wargames on a similar scale, such as DBA, Armati, and Hordes of the Things.

But don't take our word for it - below, find reviews of Domains At War from all over the world.

Origins of a Dark God

Autarch has created a lens with Domains At War. This finely crafted piece allows you to view mass combat within your game. It is up to you to focus the lens, choosing when to pull back and see the whole of a war campaign and when to zoom into a single battle. The rules of D@W work seamlessly, allowing a group to flow back and forth between both rule sets as the story of the game and their interest demands. If you are looking for a rule set for a d20 game that abstracts mass combat in a fun, simple way, while still providing players influential choices, check out D@W

Jeffro Johnson, Castalia House

This game (Domains At War: Battles) does for mass combat what Steve Jackson did for tactical combat with Melee and Wizard. Even better, the basic system of armor class, hit points, and d20 to-hit rolls will be immediately recognizable to most role-players. It’s great that people that could never be convinced to sit down to a game of Commands & Colors or Dragon Rage will play this, but the fact that it provides a context for martial characters with high levels of Wisdom and Charisma to really make a difference totally seals the deal. This is something I’ve wanted for a long time even if I didn’t quite know it and it addresses a wealth of design issues that emerge in many of the older role playing games. This is a very big deal, an achievement on par with the development of playable megadungeons.

Koewn, Crowbar And Brick

If the history of wargaming is the Sun, Domains At War: Battles is that point of light you get after focusing what's good about wargaming through the lens of DND. It's quick, flexible, and dead simple to pick up for anyone that's rolled dice with purpose...If you are not running ACKS, or you're not in an ACKS game that's putting any emphasis on domain management, this (Domains At War:Campaigns) still has a lot of use for you - if you ever want your game to feature war as a backdrop, or have the PCs interact within that war, or your players have ever wanted to take a mass of henchmen and mercenaries to a robber knight's keep - and you want that war and those battles to be as simulated as the PCs actions are - if you want it to be gamed and real, you still want this book.