(Monster) Were-rhinoceros

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(Monster) Were-rhinoceros


% in Lair:  15%

Dungeon Enc:  Crash 1d8/Lair 2d6

Wilderness Enc:  Crash 1d12/Lair 2d6

​Alignment:  Neutral

Movement:  120'(40')

Armor Class:  7(1)

Hit Dice:  6*

Attacks:  1 (gore or trample)

Damage:  2d6 gore or 2d10 trample

Save: ​ F6

​Morale:  0

Treasure Type:  L

XP:  570


(Insert lycanthrope language and rhino gore/trample language here to save myself typing.)

Notoriously ill-tempered and resentful of trespassers and provocations in either form.

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