ACKS Military Oil Production

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ACKS Military Oil Production

My PbP group asked how many flasks of military oil they could commission, as quickly as possible. The following is my answer, applying (or misapplying) some of the concepts of ACKS.

The typical alchemist is a 0th level (or 1HD) character with the Alchemy proficiency selected three times (250gp per month income). He typically has one assistant with the Alchemy proficiency selected two times (150gp per month income) and one student with the Alchemy proficiency selected one time (50gp per month income). This workshop team (450gp per month income or 15gp per day) can produce 15 flasks of military oil (2gp cost) in two days at a cost of 30gp. Additional workshops can be commissioned with an increasing opportunity cost of 20%, i.e. 36gp for the second, 42gp for the third, etc. For example, two workshops can produce 15 flasks of military oil in one day at a cost of 33gp. Possible one day commissioned production, by Market Class is:

Market Class I 13 workshops 97 flasks 429gp

Market Class II 4 workshops 30 flasks 78gp

Market Class III 2 workshops 15 flasks 33gp

Market Class IV 1 workshop 7 flasks 14gp

At the discretion of the Judge, Market Class V has no better than a 25% chance of an alchemist’s workshop being available, producing 7 flasks for 14gp, and Market Class VI has no better than a 10% chance of an alchemist’s workshop being available, producing 7 flasks for 14gp.

The above is commissioned work. Wealthier groups might actually build an alchemist’s workshop and retain superior alchemists (INT 13+) and workers long term, achieving greater economies of scale and avoiding the short term commissioning opportunity cost. Of course, alchemist’s workshops have been known to explode … Long term investment entails a different set of risks and costs.

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Great stuff. ACKSonomics makes me smile.

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I'm reminded in Game of Thrones when Tyrion finds out how the Alchemist's Guild has been getting on.

It's a bit too bad someone else has the IP for RPGs; ACKS would work out swimmingly as a House running simulator for Westeros.