Custom Magic Type: Technic

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Custom Magic Type: Technic

This is an experiment using the Custom Magic Type design rules from Axioms #1, to represent a form of magic that's really super-technology derived from a crashed starship.

Technic Magic

Source Factors: Blast 1.0; Death 2.0; Detection 1.25; Enchantment 1.3; Healing 1.0; Illusion 1.0; Movement 1.0; Protection 1.0; Summoning 1.45; Transmogrification 1.0; Wall 1.0

Spell Progression: Alternative

Spell Repertoire: Inherited

Two classes using this magic type exist in the lands of Vargaard, both hailing from the city-state of Shin Nagasaki, an outpost of the distant Hinomoto Shogunate. The better known are the Technos (or Gomi Nezumi/Junk Rats), a Technic 2/Fighting 1/Thievery 1 custom class. The Technopriests (or Soju-shi/Helmsmen) are a Technic 4 custom class with a code of behavior derived partially from Shinto purification rituals and partly from technological superstitions.

Full classes and spell lists to follow later.


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Technic....has someone been reading R. Scott Bakker?

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No, but I might give him a look now. I was taking inspiration from Poul Anderson's Technic Civilization stories, as well as Japanese video games like Phantasy Star.