Dwimmermount Campaign Restart - The Village People

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The player who plays Illyrio is actually an old school player who I played with back in the 80s.  Several of the other players are his kids.  We played a campaign before this and I impressed upon them the need to read the add players handbook suggestions.  They learned that it's better to run and come back with a plan then to die.  I might have printed out the old school primer and asked them to read it as well.

Nothing angers a party more than someone who takes away their Xp and gold.  They plan on going back and getting their treasure back when they are higher level.  I've come right out and told them that balance is NOT a thing.   My struggle is how much info to give them so they actually have a choice.

I couldn't have given them any more warning about the dragons. If they would have run out after Deathclaw peeked his head in, I would have let them get back to the lizardmen, as long as they didn't roll an encounter.  Greed made them stay and they payed a price.  It'll all work out for them once a few humidifiers are sold.

The other PC party are my son and his friends.  They only know the old school way, since that's the only type of game they've played.  They have really taken to it. I haven't had a chance to write up the summaries of that group,but they cleared out a level by going back through the map and figuring out likely secret door locations.  Now they have Dwimmersmite, a magic sword capable of finding secret doors (but not the way to open them).