Dwimmermount Campaign Restart - The Village People

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The player who plays Illyrio is actually an old school player who I played with back in the 80s.  Several of the other players are his kids.  We played a campaign before this and I impressed upon them the need to read the add players handbook suggestions.  They learned that it's better to run and come back with a plan then to die.  I might have printed out the old school primer and asked them to read it as well.

Nothing angers a party more than someone who takes away their Xp and gold.  They plan on going back and getting their treasure back when they are higher level.  I've come right out and told them that balance is NOT a thing.   My struggle is how much info to give them so they actually have a choice.

I couldn't have given them any more warning about the dragons. If they would have run out after Deathclaw peeked his head in, I would have let them get back to the lizardmen, as long as they didn't roll an encounter.  Greed made them stay and they payed a price.  It'll all work out for them once a few humidifiers are sold.

The other PC party are my son and his friends.  They only know the old school way, since that's the only type of game they've played.  They have really taken to it. I haven't had a chance to write up the summaries of that group,but they cleared out a level by going back through the map and figuring out likely secret door locations.  Now they have Dwimmersmite, a magic sword capable of finding secret doors (but not the way to open them).

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VP expedition # 8 & 9

Village People:

  • Tariq the Harvester – Lvl 6 Mage (Necromancer) –Extremely short necromancer
    • Mycah Pyrus – Lvl 3 Shaman – (Snake Healer) –– Armed with a staff.
      • Reggie – small python – HD 2
    • Tirion Snow – Lvl 4 Elven Ranger – STR +3, INT +1, WIS +1, DEX +3 Ch +1, Precise Shooting (stacks), Animal Training (panther), Animal Husbandry, FS – Missiles – wears leather and armed with a composite long bow
      • ‘Panther’ – Panther henchmen


  • Eduardo aka ‘Keyser Soze’ – Lvl 7 Thief (Cat Burglar) – budding tycoon
    • Ukla the Quick – Lvl 4 Barbarian (Pit Fighter) – fights with net and trident.
      • Michael Thomas – Fighter 3 (guardsman) – Alertness, Signaling, , STR, DEX, CHA +1, INT -1 - wears plate mail and armed with a glaive
    • Onde Vrazic – Familiar imp – Mimicry x2, Arcane Dabbling, Alertness
    • Delwyn – Lvl 3 Village Witch – laying on hands, healing x2, familiar – Str -1 Int+1, WIS +1, DEX +@, CON -1, spell signatures based on potions, salves, balms, or foodstuffs.
      • Bernard – Familiar – golden lab – laying on hands, soothsaying (sniffs butt), animal husbandry


  • Dave ‘the Pure’ Carrin – Lvl 6 Cleric (Hermit) of Hera –Wears custom made plate (with symbol of Hera) + magical +1 shield
    • Angela of Hera – Lvl 4 Cleric (proselytizer) –wears Plate and armed with a billhook
    • Julia – Lvl  2 Priestess WIS, CON +1, CHA +2  
      • 3 priestesses


  • Jace – Lvl 6 Mage (Elementalist) – quiet pyromaniac, wears robes with flames.
    • Nakai – Altrusian (ancient lizardman) Elder Skull –


  • Illyrio Sicarus – Lvl 5 Assassin (Bravo) – Wears leather, armed with Swordbreaker - +2 sword

When the party got back to Muntburg, Illyrio asked Tuccia to hire a new henchmen to replace Shalla and then scout out the situation in Winterburg in anticipation of the Village People hiring troops to take the city.  There was a lot of news from Shemp to catch up with when they got back:

  • The Raiders and the Seekers each had another successful delve into Dwimmermount
  • There was a new temple devoted to the divine power of law being built north of town.  It was being built by the Raiders, as Dante and Lazarus having been converted from worshipping Death.
  • Bishop Johann came into town to investigate stories of persons drained of blood and uncovered that a new town favorite, Cyrus, was actually a vampire.  He was actually renting one of the townhouses owned by the Raiders.  The ensuing battle resulted in Johann driving away the vampire (slaying a vampire turns it to mist) and the death of his henchman Annabella Mediate.  They also damaged the Raider’s Rentals. He was recovering in the new Temple of Death near the cemetery. 
  • Several farmers were missing from their farms in the fertile areas north of Muntburg.  The animals were left unharmed.

The party first spoke to Bishop Johann. He had raised Annabella, but she was still recovering from coming back.  He asked about the mountain and whether they had seen any signs of a vampire anywhere.  The party hadn’t  and offered assistance once Johann was ready to search for the crypt of Cyrus.

The party spent some time discussing what to do next.  Jace wanted to take the Altrusian skull back to it’s home (as promised).  Others wanted to go back to secure the pool of life.  Others wanted to go back to the area at the top of the elevator shaft (called the Divinitarium  by the stone face). Finally there were some that wanted to go back down where they had found the dwarves. 

The party decided to go to the Divinitarium.  Before they did, they decided to investigate the missing farmers.  At the home of one of the missing farmers they spoke to a young nephew of the missing family who was tending to the animals.  He looked away shamefully after meeting the gaze of Dave and recognizing him.  He explained that only the dog was slain and that no one saw anything.  It wasn’t ordinary bandits, as the formal family silver was left alone.  

Entering the house, they didn’t find any clues.  If there was a struggle, it did not end in bloodshed.  Dave decided to talk to the animals.  (The nephew became very concerned that Dave would talk to the sheep).  When Dave talked, the cat wasn’t willing to talk unless Dave brought him something to eat.  Luckily the nephew had a fish and the cat talked.

The cat explained that the mistress and her husband were taken by red skinned people.  They smelled like spices that the mistress used in her chili and moved almost as quietly as the cat moved.  They only other thing they took were some of the stuff the husband was always writing on and became angry at when the cat laid on it.  After they had captured the Mistress and her husband and began searching the home, strange music started to play, (something progressive with a heavy bass groove).  They left out of the door as quietly as they came. 

Suspecting the Eld, and curious what they had taken, they turned to the nephew. 

The nephew explained that the farmer was always wasting time reading and drawing.  The farmer, it turns out, fancied himself the descendant of a Thulian general.  He was an avid reader of military history and considered himself a cartographer.  He would often make maps of current political boundaries.  Fearing the worst, the party feared what this information could mean to an large organized force.

Dave spoke to some sheep, only to reveal that some ‘people’ came out of the house (and the reason for the nephew’s shame). They couldn’t give any more details.  The cow wasn’t much better.  Illyrio suggested they talk to the pig.  The pig was able to describe the strangers as tall, agile, thin red skinned men wearing harnesses of leather and metal.  They killed the dog and moved toward the house.  The pig fled and didn’t see anything else.  The pig also said they smelled slightly of cinnamon or a similar spice. 

The other animals on the other farms told similar stories of red men coming in the night and taking hostages but little valuables.  The party managed to meet with the Captain of the Guard, Alixandre Vaast, and mention their concerns.  The captain thanked them for their assistance and promised to increase patrols around Muntburg.  

The next morning, the party took some of their henchmen and headed into the mountain.  They met with members of the Crimson Band.  When they asked if there was anything new, they said that the goblins were now wearing ‘uniforms’ and livery.  When asked about it the goblins reported that they were now servants of the Thulian Empire!

The party went to the Stone head and asked “what was the Divinitarium level for?”  The head explained it was for communication with outposts and as a hangar for astral vessels (the party’s eyes went wide at mention of the word ‘hangar’). 

The party explored the Divinitarium in two expeditions.  In summary they:

  • Found a strange looking arcane helmet with the ability to see into various planes and sense magical energy.
  • Fought (and ran from) several new types of slime and plant creatures.
  • Met some githyanki and formed a non-aggression pact
  • Led two shambling mounds to the githyanki camp
  • Ended up leaving the dungeon in a flying metal sailing ship!!!  Jace figured out how to fly it by casting read magic on a manual in the helms
  • Recovered 12 shimmering robes (AC 12) and belts that create spheres of fresh air.

The party took the ship to the bottom of a small lake near Muntburg.  Leaving Ukla and Angela on the ship, using the air belts to exit through an ‘airlock’.  Eduardo’s imp asked him for a pirate hat (preferably one made out of baby skin).  The game ended with the party in Adamas.

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I don't know if you intended this to be hilarious, but it was. I love how immediately after the non-aggression pact they betrayed them...

  • Met some githyanki and formed a non-aggression pact
  • Led two shambling mounds to the githyanki camp
  • Ended up leaving the dungeon in a flying metal sailing ship!