Borderlands realm cheat sheet

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Borderlands realm cheat sheet

I'm trying to use the realms described in Capital of the Borderlands pgs 27-33 to kind of reverse engineer the realm-building elements of ACKS, but the numbers aren't adding up the way I thought they would and I'm actually coming away less understanding the process than I was when I started.

Before I start into a list of specific questions about how this is what and where they became who, is there a crib sheet that shows the calculations for how the numbers were generated for the domains.

Like, how did you come up with 700 peasant families for Turos Tem when all the vassal states add up to, like, 3,000 families. And why are revenue and expenses based on 725 families? Okay, I guess I did sneak in some specific questions, but really I'd settle for a copy of the realm sheets with pencil notes in the marges saying things like "this number arbitrarily chosen as standard for a settlement this size" or "realm hexes minus domain hexes equals total vassal hexes" or something.