A thread for feedback on the new ACKS App!

A short summary of the current state of the project:



ToDo list:

  • Autarch branding and visual improvements
  • Users can enter their own CSV and use them as random encounter table. (Example: Dungeon Encounters)
  • More detailed magic items (e.g Intelligent Swords...)
  • Improve NPC equipment handling.
  • Random Army generator
  • Random Domain generator
  • Treasure map generator
  • Weather generator
  • Lair generation for a specific selected monster
  • Exporting encounters as text
  • Monster XP calculator
  • Magic item creation and spell research page
  • Add monster parts as loot on the encounters
  • Link spells with the spell description
  • Settings page to enable various Axiom or HFH rules
  • Improve NPC formatting
  • Make NPC activity context sensitive
  • Henchmen generator by market class


Release 1.1.0:
Besides lots of lots of things that changed in the background due to a framework upgrade there are some visible improvements:
* better navigation out of the SRD
* Previously created encounters can now be viewed on the "Stored Encounters & NPCs" page
Known Bugs:
* NPC groups generated on the "Random Adventuring Party" page are curently not saved correctly and cannot be viewded on the new "Stored Encounters & NPCs" page
* One level deep on the Wilderness and Dungeon Encounter screens, the list is showing as selectable/editable text, instead of buttons

Release 1.1.1


* Add character traits to all generated NPCs

* Add current monster activity to all encounters


Fixed bugs:

* Rare bug with a certain Tirenean Name

* NPC parties generated via "Random Adventuring Party" will now be saved correctly

* Encounter sceens now correctly use buttons insted of editable text.


Known Bugs:

* SRD doesnt display correctly in Firefox and nothing is display at all in Edge or IE 11+ 

* A Level 99 testing NPC is visible in the treasure generator

* The "Mortal Wounds" and "Tampering with Mortality" tables are not displayed correctly in the SRD