1.5-mile hexes

The revised domain rules in Axioms III make reference to 1.5 hexes on a local map. Alas, the blank hex maps from Autarch don't include 1.5-mile hexes, the next smallest after 6 miles being 1320 ft. (or 0.25 miles). How many 1320 ft. hexes go into a 1.5-mile hex? Help a mathematically challenged Judge out!

Alex, if you read this, could you please provide appropriate maps to use with these rules?

The 1.5m hex would be 7,920 feet; that'd be (6) 1,320 ft hexes vertically.

IMany hexmaps, ACKS included, measure the size of the hex as the distance between any two parallel sides; and hexagonal grids cleanly break into multiples of 3 or 4 side-to-side (if one cares if the centerpoints of the larger/smaller hexes align). The 24m->6m->1.5m progression is a division by 4.

FWIW, aside from the labeling, any of the maps that show a hex being broken down into smaller hexes with (4) vertical hexes inside would be suitable for a 6m->1.5m breakdown...looks like that's the Medium and Small region maps.

1,320 ft seems to have come from that first map with the single huge hex - there's 24 hexes vertically, and at 1,320 ft that's a 6m hex (then 24 55ft hexes make a 1,320 ft hex). I'm not sure how that one came about.


Okay, I think I get it. Although I'm a bit disappointed that the different map scales don't plug on top of each other quite as neatly as I had imagined. It'll make moving down the scales while mapping a bit trickier than I thought.

At 1320 ft each large hex is 1 mile and each small hex is 1/4 mile.  I don't use this scale though; 1.5->6->24 stacks nicely for me.  Actually, I usually abstract location within a 6-mile hex with the "Searching for Lairs" section in Lairs & Encounters.  

Gonna revive this a bit. Been toying with how to integrate a square grid into the ACKS hex framework for 5e. The conclusion I came to was to continue dividing 1.5mi hexes down to 495 ft hexes, then impose the hex on a grid of 5ft squares. Six of these hexes is also a pretty close fit for a peasant's farm of 30 acres.