Domains at War

Domains at War Designer's Notes #4: Combat Mechanics

Every wargame design must balance simulation and playability. Achieving this balance is often quite hard, and most games end up tipping towards one or the other end of the range.

Domains at War Designer’s Notes: Historical Reference Points

While designing Domains at War, I frequently tested my game mechanics against available real-world examples.

Domains at War Designer's Notes #2: Sieges

The mechanics of siege warfare, both at the battle and campaign level, presented the most challenging part of the design of Domains at War.

Domains at War Kickstarter Reward Levels

Later this February Autarch is planning to launch the Kickstarter for Domains at War, our comprehensive rules for all aspects of waging war in a fantasy world. Planning the rewards for a Kickstarter campaign is one of the trickiest parts because as soon the campaign goes live and someone claims a reward, the text can't be changed. To help work out any kinks in the phrasing of the rewards, and make sure that we're offering all the kinds of things backers would want in exchange for their support, I'm hoping to get feedback on the proposed rewards. The pledge levels for each reward are still being worked out, this being its own kind of tricky.

With the caveat that these are not yet final - and will hopefully be improved by your input - here's what we're thinking of offering Domains at War backers:

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