Weaker Restore Life and Limb Spells

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James K
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Weaker Restore Life and Limb Spells

I'm planning to use Eldtritch Magic for my next ACKS campaign, but I'm not keen on the Fate Spell. I don't just want to remove a 5th level white spell from the list, so I was thinking of adding a weaker version of Restore Life and Limb, but something weaker so it doesn't disrupt things too much.

Inspired by D&D, I was thinking of a spell that worked like Restore Life and Limb, but with the limitation that it only worked on creatures that died less than 1 Turn ago. Alternatively, perhaps it doesn't restore limb quite that effectively - it permits the slain creature to re-roll its mortal wound result at a large bonus (perhaps the caster's level), giving them a reasonable chance of coming back to life, but still badly injured. This wouldn't be a spell you could get cast back at town, because it would be too late but it would give high-level casters an opportunity to save their fellows.

Given the 1.5x factor for healing spells that restore life for Eldritch Magic, does this seem like a reasonable spell to have at level 5?

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I really like the idea that it lets you re-roll on the mortal wounds table at a bonus, that's awesome! I think that could reasonably be an Eldritch 5 spell, yes.