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bestial warlust
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Spell repertoire

It's an interesting concept but now I'm considering not using it or changing it. How many here use it as is and who here have made changes?

The Autarch
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I use it as-is! :P

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I use it as-is.

The only change I've made is to the flavour, to justify why mages don't just copy and sell their spellbooks to make quick cash.

Nikephoros Phokas
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I use as is. What's the problem?

I use it as-is.

The only change I've made is to the flavour, to justify why mages don't just copy and sell their spellbooks to make quick cash.


My solution for this is 

1) Spell books are never written in Common and usually in the special code of a certain magic school.
2) Spells are secret knowledge passed down from master to student, selling them will displease the master greatly and you might be cut off from further tutoring or punished harshly.

bestial warlust
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I'm looking for a tiny bit more flexibilty. A mage already has a high cost for spell books and research then having to spend money on swapping out spells from their books if they want different ones. I tend not to run high treasure games so cost can sometimes be a factor. I actually don't mind the flavor it's an interesting twist on vancian. 

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I use it as-is for all my human arcane magic users (which at present is pretty much just Mages and Grand Alchemists).

I use a different (and significantly more flexible) approach for Elves and other instinctive magic users which is a bit closer to 3.5e Sorcerers; they gain no bonus repertoire from Intelligence, but do not require spellbooks and can learn new spells and replace old ones with a research roll and 1 week of study.

Finally, the Pacted (NPC-only arcane spellcasters who allow themselves to be reshaped by the Outer Beings, which equates to Ruinguards and Warlocks in practice) use the standard "spellbook" rules, but have no spellbook to lose; instead, the costs are taken as sacrifices to their patrons. The primary benefit of being a Pacted is that they get bonus repertoire (one per spell level plus occasional plot-relevant "dark inspiration" from their patrons) as well as their other class features.

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I use it as is.

The justification i use for mages not freely trading spells is that most spells are researched by magical schools that function much like corporate R&D.  When you join the school you sign an "NDA" that requires that you never share any of their spells.  you can share your own, but any spells you research using their libraries are required to also become part of their private collection that you're not allowed to share with non-guild members.  Quests sometimes arise from mages finding out that someone has been sharing their secrets and needing them to be neutralized.