Dawnbringer Class

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Dawnbringer Class

I've put together a build that is sort of a paladin with an emphasis on offernsive, take it to the enemy powers (particularly the Fighting Style bonus powers). He has Lay on Hands and some healing spells but he gains benefits when fighting weapon plus shield or two-handed weapon.



Level limit 14

Hit Die d6

R{rime Requisite Wis

HD1 Fighter2 Divine 1  

Give up Unrestricted  (1 power) and Broad (2 powers) weapons for a total of three bonus powers from weaon trade-offs.
Narrow Weapons chosen: Swords and Daggers, Spears/Pole Arms
Give up Two Weapon Fighting Style for one power
Give up Missile Bonus Damage for one power

500XP for HD +1000XP for Fighter +250XP for Divine = 1750XP+750XP for Fighter trade-offs = 2500XP


Save as Fighter, Use Fighter magic weapons. HP per level after 9th + 2.

Bonus Powers: Divine Blessing, Divine Health, Fighting Style: Two-Handed Weapon, Fighting Style: Weapon and Shield Lay on Hands

1st Level Cure Light Wounds, Detect Evil, Light, Protection from Evil, Remove Fear
2nd level Bless, Delay Poison, Holy Chant, Resist Fire, Spiritual Weapon
3rd Level Continual Light, Cure Disease, Prayer, Remove Curse, Striking
4th Level Cure Serious Wounds, Neutralize Poison, Protection from Evil (Sustained), Smite Undead, Vigor
5th Level Dispel Evil, Flame Strike, Quest, Restore Life and Limb, Sword of Fire


Any input on names for each level is welcome, though I could always poach the Paladin nam es from the Player's Companion. Also I'm not too sure on Wis as a Prime Requisite.


Level       XP

1                0

2            2500

3           5000

4          10000

5          20000

6          40000

7          80000

8       160000

9       300000

10     420000

11    540000

12    660000

13   780000

14   900000


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Fun class. Very much in line with the sort of class I like to play.

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Fun class. Very much in line with the sort of class I like to play.

Thanks! I hope you have fun with it.
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I would drop spiritual weapon and replace it with Swift Sword. Otherwise, cool.

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That's a great suggestion but I think I'll stick with Spiritual Weapon.