Chronicles of the Grim Fist, Part III

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Best wishes to Cameron!


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Very happy to hear that Cameron's feeling better! He's been missed.

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Aww, you guys!

Also, good news: he's going to run a new campaign =^.^= So if he doesn't post stuff here, I will. If it's me don't expect his way with words, but I'll do my best.

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That's amazing news. Tell him to email me!

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I told him!

(Technically, I told him, like, days ago and before you even posted, but I spent all weekend playing video games, and yesterday at the park, and today sleeping, so this is the first time I'm getting around to responding. Sorry! I'm a terrible person!)

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I enjoyed this story as well and I'm glad to hear Cameron is better now, it was quite a ride :)

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I see someone beat me to necroing this thread!

This thread is the BEST THING. I'm spreading it around to people on other sites, so it may have some new readers soon.

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This thread pretty much represents the ideal that I want every game to be - long term, consistent, with buy-in from the players and interest in engaging the system head on.

The only disappointment is that it stopped too soon!