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Welacome to a dying world… It is a twilight age when civilization draws shuddering breaths and the suns grows dim. As the Manachaean Empire wages a war of bloody conquest, the Y’tll Theocracy unseals ancient vaults of terrible technology to keep their lands their own, all while the Hungry Forest men call Morfarsing threatens to consume them both. Nations without number have fed the Crawling Forest, driving tribes of scattered, desperate survivors in a great migration eastward to come crashing down on the fractions eastern lands. Under the shadow of the cancerous woodland the jeweled free-cities of the Wierdling Wastes are crumbling, their leaders taking ever more desperate measures to keep their petty kingdoms alive. In Coventry, a land hard won from the tyrant Covens that ruled in ancient days, loyalists of Bloody Queen Nemyu continue their bloody pogrom to rid their kingdom of heresy and witchcraft, all while struggling to keep from being subsumed by Manachaean aggression or Morfairsing Bloom. Trade has stopped from the Guilds of Permot, travelers muttering of the encroaching Hungry Wood coming to their door. Crusaders and heretics fight in the streets with missionary zeal, uniting only to put their pagan rivals to the torch. Barbarians and highwaymen haunt the roads betwixt the villages, while worse things haunt the wild places. Beset by troubles on all sides, the common folk cast about for champions, heroes echoing those from the sagas, to save from a world set on devouring itself. More at: https://oroboros-rising.obsidianportal.com


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Saturday afternoons.


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