Visionary Illo: Bret's Lurking Monster...

Backer Bret Woods gave me several suggestions, including this one:
... view from the bottom of a pit peering up, where monsters lurk below but cannot be seen by an adventuring party who is lowering one of their party members down the side of the pit on a rope (or some variation of this).
I liked this one for a couple of reasons, including the opportunity to draw another monster, but also because it was a chance to draw an interesting point of view. I'm at the point where I'm almost done with these visionary illustrations (just three more left that I know of!), so I've begun ordering them in the book and this one will fit nicely in the monsters section, right next to Spider, Giant.


Nice, I like the angle too.

Weren't there 31 people eligible to make art requests ?

'any pledge of $75 or more entitles you to describe one of the illustrations that Ryan will create for the finished Adventurer Conqueror King rulebook'

(13 Visionaries, 12 Legends, 4 God Emperors and 2 Patron Deities)

Yes, there were! But only 16 or so that I'm aware of have responded with a request. I let everyone know that I'd need their request in by the end of September, and here we are! I may get a couple of stragglers, but there were a couple of 'Visionary' backers who apparently wanted to donate $75 but were not interested in giving an art order, and many of the higher level backers were interested in other rewards provided at those levels. I'm art directing the rest of the book so we can have lots of smaller illustrations spread throughout - those won't be posted here, but they'll for sure be printed!