ACKS at GaryCon

The Autarch designers are going to be at GaryCon with print editions of ACKS and with playtest versions of the Player's Companion. We've got four different ACKS scenarios running - a linked series of adventures running Thursday to Saturday, plus a late-night Saturday session of swampy mayhem. Thursday 6pm: Adventurers in the Borderlands (Tavis Allison) Friday 6pm: Conquerors of the Borderlands (Greg Tito) Saturday 2pm: King of the Borderlands (Alex Macris) Saturday 8pm: Night of the Walking Wet (Tavis, Greg, and Alex) If you haven't registered for GaryCon yet, sign up today at If you are planning to attend, let us know if you'll be there!


I'l be there. I'm pre-registered for 3 of the four games.

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